5 Ways To Add Booking Capability For Your Business

Adding online booking capability to your business can greatly improve your business operations and boost customer satisfaction. But how do you do it? This article explores five methods for integrating an online booking system, outlining their pros and cons. By following these steps, you can boost sales, streamline operations, and take your business to new heights of success.

1. Using Booking Services of External Booking Platforms like Go Book Me In

Pros: Multiple ways For customers to book, easy implementation, expertise and support, no coding required, minimal development costs

Cons: Some limitations on visual aspects for Apps, Widgets and Functionality

How We Can Help : We provide the Tools, Widgets and Apps for you to manage and take bookings online, we provide multiple channels from which your customers can make booking these include bookings by Web, App, Web Widgets and Google Maps

2. Integration with 'Reserve with Google' with your Google Business Profile (Google My Business)

Pros: Excellent for attracting new customers searching for businesses like yours.

Easily promote your services and availability on the world's most popular search engine.

Standout from your competitors by having a prominent scheduling button on Google.

Allow customers to manage their bookings using their Google Account.

Automatic reminders

Cons: Only available to businesses types supported by Google, have a look here to see if your business is supported

How We Can Help : For supported businesses we can usually have your scheduling button added with a few hours.

3. Embedding Web Widgets Directly Into Your Existing Website

Pros: Simple HTML webpage integration. easy setup, time and resource saving, customization available, device optimization

Cons: Minimal development experience required

How We Can Help : We provide iframe and html code, we offer several widget designs to choose from, customisations also possible

4. Integrations via API

Pros: Direct integration between 'Go Book Me In' and your code

Cons: Development costs, continuous maintenance and development experience required

How We Can Help : Coming soon, we are currently working on this to provide even more integration choices

5. Developing Custom Code for Seamless Integration

Pros: Control, minimal code issues, tailored solution

Cons: Very high investment, time-intensive, ongoing maintenance, subject and business experience required

How We Can Help : Contact us to talk to us about custom implementation

Things to consider when choosing the best integration method

Considerations: CMS Content Management Systems to manage your customers and services, consideration for your budget, return on investment, user-friendliness of solution

How We Can Help : We provide you all the tools, allowing you to easily manage your bookings and configure your services and availability

We operate a Pay As You Grow subscription, with a FREE tier to try our platform out

We work with you, to make the integration and use of our platform as smooth as possible, feedback is always appreciated and usually your comments will be acted upon to provide a solution for you and enhance our platform


Online booking functionality for your business is essential for maximizing the visibility of the services you offer, by providing multiple ways to book you make your business more discoverable to new customers and at the same time providing convenience and flexibility for your existing customers. By implementing one or more of the steps above, you can attract more business, reduce workload, automate your administration tasks and ultimately grow your business and revenue.

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