Appointment Bookings your Phone Repair Business.

Go Book Me In for Phone Repair Business Appointment Bookings.

In today's fast-paced world, where staying connected is crucial, reliable phone repair services have become more important than ever. As a phone repair company providing services like battery replacement and screen repair, it is essential for you to offer your customers a quick and efficient way to book their repair device in. 

Using Go Book Me In, for your online appointment bookings allows you to easily manage your appointments and streamline your booking process. With Go Book Me In, you can create customised booking pages, set up automatic reminders for your customers, and easily view your schedule at a glance. 

Allowing Customers to Check Service Availability and Pricing Online

Our booking tools allow you to setup your services and make them available online for customers to book. Making available details of your services, availability and pricing online is an essential aspect of any modern business customers can easily check the services you offer, the pricing details, and your availability for the repair. 

Multiple other ways for your customers to book.

Our booking solution is available on multiple channels including iOS, Android and Web, making it convenient for both you and your clients. We provide a custom app for your business where your can manage your bookings and services. If you need to take from an existing website then we have you covered for this also with our booking widget you can easily add one line of HTML embeddable code your existing webpage. 

Say goodbye to manual appointment scheduling and start using Go Book Me today for a more efficient and professional booking experience.  

Our Integration with your Google Business Profile 

As a Google Partner, Go Book Me In is authorised to add booking functionality to your Google Business Profile.

Adding booking functionality to your Google Business Profile will present your customers with an prominent 'Book Online' button on your Google listing this will attract the attention of new customers searching for local devices repair businesses like yours. With full integration between Google and our platform we provide your customers with a hassle-free bookings experience.

Booking Notification Straight To Your Phone

Whether your customers choose to book via app, web or Google we make your customers booking as seemless as possible.  When a customer books with you, you and your customer will receive confirmations straight to your phones. We will also take care of notifications and reminders for your so you can concentrate on the repairs. 

Setting Up Your Go Book Me In Account for your Phone Repair Business

The first step is to create an account on our platform via our onboarding page. Click the 'Try for Free' button and we'll guide you through the process of setting up your brand and services. Within a few minutes of completing the onboarding process we'll have you taking bookings online.

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Frequently asked questions

How can your appointment booking platform help my phone repair business grow?
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Our appointment booking software is specifically designed to automate and streamline the scheduling process for phone repair businesses. By using our platform, you enable your customers to book their repair services online, whether they're looking for iphone screen replacements or battery issues. This convenience can significantly increase customer satisfaction and retention, ultimately contributing to the growth of your business.
Can the software integrate with my existing website?
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Yes, our appointment scheduling software is built with flexibility in mind. It can easily integrate with your existing website, allowing customers to start a repair request right from your webpage.
How does the online appointment scheduling software handle appointment cancellations and changes?
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Our software makes it easy for customers to cancel or reschedule their appointments directly through the platform. We understand that plans change, so we've automated the process to update the appointment status in real-time, allowing your business to efficiently manage your schedule and minimise downtime.
Are there any options for customers to understand their repair costs beforehand?
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You can setup a Free telephone, online or in-store consultation as a service. Allowing your customers to book sometime to discuss the fault and an estimated repair cost. Adding a free consultation as one your services ensures transparency and helps manage expectations for the chargeable services you offer
What support can I expect if I decide to use your appointment scheduling platform?
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When you choose our online appointment scheduling platform, you'll gain access to comprehensive support from our team. From helping you integrate the platform into your current systems to providing ongoing assistance for you and your customers through the "contact us" feature, we're here to ensure your success. Plus, we offer a free tier trial to get you started without any upfront investment.

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